Latest update 20-04-2022



The normal feed, where new content is added in chronological order, can be dispersive if you want to write about several topics at once.

Readers would be forced to search through your articles on the topic they are interested in and risk missing something.

Therefore, projects are the best way to keep your readers up-to-date!

Thanks to projects, you can create collections with your articles in order to organise your profile by topics. In addition, when an article is part of a project, the reader can scroll through the articles in the project directly from the index on the right so that they can continue reading without interruption.

But let's look at some practical examples of how you can use projects:

  • Keeping a diary
  • Create collections of articles divided by topics
  • Publish a serial novel
  • Create a poetry collection
  • Create a travel diary
  • Publish updates on your work
  • Create regular columns

And anything else your creativity can come up with!

How to create a project

To create a project, simply click on 'New Project'.

In the project editor give the project a title, add a cover image and choose a colour filter.

You can already include your articles in the project via the 'Include your articles' search bar. Projects will automatically be sorted into chapters following the order in which you add them.

For now, it is only possible to create projects from the desktop.

Where to find projects

You can find your projects in your profile. In your profile you will see the three most recent projects highlighted, to see them all click on 'see all'.

Likewise, the projects of other authors are visible in their profiles. Clicking on the project tab will open the first chapter and clicking on last update will show the last added chapter.